Maintenance, repair and retrofit of transformers and substations

Expertise and support

wo specialist electrical substation engineers inspect modern high-voltage equipment during sunset. Energy. Industry

In order to define your maintenance needs, our experts accompany you for the diagnosis and expertise of your power transformers and your electrical equipment. They can subsequently propose a plan for maintenance and upgrade.

The preliminary diagnosis and expertise form the basis of the maintenance plan and allow us to define the actions to be taken.

Our diagnostics can be done on site or in the factory if necessary (stripping, inspection, detection of the origin of the problem, etc.).

Preventive maintenance contract

To ensure a reliable and secure operation, Nexans takes care of the preventive maintenance of your electrical substations and power transformers.

We perform:

  • Preventive maintenance of transformers
  • Maintenance of MV cells and switchboards
  • The maintenance and verification of accessories
  • The repair of the sealing of the transformers and the elimination of the oil leaks
  • Maintenance of cooling equipment
  • The verification of tightening and connections
  • The general maintenance of the regulators in load
  • The replacement of cables and accessories of the auxiliary cabinets.

Interventions on site

Our mobile teams are available 24/7 to provide emergency response and scheduled services. We offer the following services on site:

 Final testing of the HV power network before start-up (Tihange-Avernas project 2004) - Raf Beckers

Expertise: Preventive maintenance of transformers and substations

  • Maintenance of on-load regulators
  • Oil leakage removal
  • Treatment of dielectric oil
  • Replacement of MV cells and transformers
  • Adaptation work
  • Replacement of accessories
  • Troubleshooting and repair following incidents (if possible, on site).

In-plant repair and retrofit

We have the human and material means to execute all repairs in the factory while adapting to your needs and technical constraints. We ensure the repair and retrofit of power transformers, distribution transformers and electrical substations. Performance are measured on platform tests and a guarantee of the work performed.

The main services provided:

  • Transport, handling and assistance with loading
  • Partial or complete rewinding of transformers
  • Renewal of transformers (refurbishment)
  • Revision after incident and damage
  • Replacement of seals, wiring and accessories
  • Change or treatment of dielectric oil
  • Replacement of bushings and tap changers
  • Maintenance or replacement of air conditioners
  • Upgrading of MV/LV electrical substations and MV cells

On-load tap-changers maintenance

The tap changer is a very critical device in the power transformer. It requires a high level of technical expertise for the revision and a rigorous follow-up during the operation.

Our technicians, trained, qualified and having several years of experience in the field, will take care of the maintenance of your tap changers in charge:

  • Expertise and diagnosis of failures
  • Inspection and control of fixed and mobile contacts
  • Control of the state of the insertable bodies, linkages, angle returns...etc;
  • Maintenance and upkeep of control panels
  • Replacement of mechanical contacts and fuses
  • All tests

Spare parts

For all your needs, we offer a range of spare parts for transformers and electrical equipment.

We also offer you the possibility of fitting these spare parts in the factory or on site by our after-sales service team.

  • Spare parts for power transformers (gaskets, buchholz, dryers, silecagel, bushings,etc.)
  • Spare parts for load tap changer (motor drive, contacts, springs, accumulators, angle transmitters, trap gaskets, etc.)
  • Spare parts for MV switchgears (Mechanisms, heating resistors, charger and batteries, etc.).

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